Roland 909
Play a MP3 groove created from drum samples in this kit.

I took these samples straight from the 909 and, as with all the other samples in the library, didn't alter them in any way (no processing). This will allow you to add compression/ distortion or whatever as you see fit, and allow you to shape the sound to the music you are making. The sounds are also left their full length, as I find that most other 909 samples are cut too short and loose some of the subtle tails that this machine produces. Used (or over used) in most forms of four-on-the-floor dance music such as house, trance, hardcore and gabba, the 909 punch is also useful in most other genres of electronic music.

Boss 110
Play a MP3 groove created from drum samples in this kit.

This was the first drum machine I ever used, so this whole site is here because of this little machine! This was the last analogue drum machine produced By Boss/ Roland, and has a family resemblance to the 606, 808 and the Boss Dr 55, although none of the sounds are exactly the same as any of those drum machines. The weakest sound is the kick, which is a very short "click", with no body or depth at all. In order to try and get some kind of more aggressive sound out of this drum machine, I remembered I had put it thorough a distortion pedal, so two samples in this kit (a kick and a snare) have been sampled with a Boss HM-2 distortion pedal, in true 80's style!

Roland 808
Play a MP3 groove created from drum samples in this kit.

The 808 is another drum machine that is probably over sampled, I imagine that most people have at least one of these in their sample libraries. Not as punchy as the 909, the 808 suits hip-hop, Miami bass and electro more than four-on-the-floor dance music, although certain sounds such as the claps are used in almost everything.

Roland 606
Play a MP3 groove created from drum samples in this kit.

This drum machine has some of my favorite Roland sounds in it, and is great for any form of electro. It doesn't possess the widest selection of tones, but the ones it does have are classic beat box. The cymbals in here are some of my favorite outright, and the kicks, snares and toms are unique. It was made to partner the 303 bassline to act as an entire rhythm section. A friend told me he was once laid up in hospital for a couple of weeks, and all he had to amuse himself was a 303 and a 606 connected together to create tunes in his hospital bed!

Roland CR78
Play a MP3 groove created from drum samples in this kit.

The CR-78 has a surprising variety of sounds in its arsenal, most of which are (again) classic. Roland's version of the 'accompaniment' style 'bossa nova boxes' such as the Selmer 101 and the Rhythm Ace, this drum box has some great Latin sounds, the guiro for example is a unique synthesized version, as are the clave and cowbell sounds.

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The above demos are in MP3 format. They are examples of loops made from the individual hits that comprise the AudioPervert drum sample library. The demo loops don't reflect the quality of the full bandwidth individual WAV samples. Please download the free drum samples to audition an example of the full quality individual drum samples.

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